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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts.
Combatant one: Whitebeard Quake Quake Fruit (creates shockwaves and vibrations, said to be capable of destroying a planet) Possesses all three forms of Haki. Caused the sky to divide with the help of Shanks. Creates sea quakes that cause tsunamis. Defeated Akainu. Defeated a giant with ease. Stops a giant ship with a single hand. Moved so fast that Akainu had not noticed. Intercepts Kizaru's light form. Breaks out of Aokiji's ice. Had a heart attack and insides burned, kept going. Half of his face melted off and continues to fight. Comes to Marineford sick and old, he took 267 sword wounds, 152 bullet wounds, and 46 cannon wounds.
Combatant two: Yamamoto Takes a barrage of speed attacks, shrugs it off. Stops a city busting explosion with his own body. Takes a hit from a lightning based bankai and calls it weak. One of the best at flash stepping (high speed technique) Punches a hole in a skyscraper sized being named Ayon that was taking down multiple Vice Captain. Stops Ayon's attack with one hand. His zanpakuto is known as the most powerful. Jokaku Enjo (sealing prison capable of holding a powerful villain) Can summon multiple pillars of flames many times larger than a city stated by Aizen. Bankai release converts his flames into his blade. Bankai so hot that all the water vapor in the air for miles vanishes, it also nullifies ice. The edge of the blade deletes things from existence. His flames are hotter than the sun. His bankai is so strong that if he does not end the fight quickly he can reduce Soul Society to ash. Capable of summoning 10 trillion burning corpses. Final power of his bankai is a wave that deletes things from existence. Spiritual pressure capable of dropping a Vice Captain. Can use kido without the enchantment.
WINNER: Yamamoto I was gonna do Raikage vs Whitbeard at first but, then I thought this would be an even match, I was dead wrong! Whitebeard's fruit is impressive and is destructive but, Yamamoto's shikai alone goes beyond that. Whitebeard's very durable, he can tank probably anything that's not a killing blow but, Yamamoto is meant to one shot. Whitebeard has amazing strength feats considering he's a human but, Yamamoto does too and would be able to match him in a fist fight. Whitebeard going full power might do some serious damage but, a kido spell or shikai is more than enough to kill Whitebeard. Also Whitebeard may have intercepted Kizaru but, I doubt he can keep up with Yamamoto's flash step. Honestly Yamamoto is on a whole other level and is definitely an anime top tier, this is no competition after the research.
yamamoto definately wins.
I got to agree that Yamamoto wins this .
I can't remember off hand didn't yamamoto only die because aizen made an arrancar specially designed to only be able to counter and kill him?
nonone. not even the planet
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