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Okay guys. I know some of you have posted about this since the news came out BUT it needs more and more love.

Like OMG this looks so intense and awesome! Exo-L's need to be going crazy right now!

I'm super duper excited to see how this will come out. It's been a while since they've done anything else since Love Me Right.

*internal suffering* My heart can't take this tension!

The new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' movie is scheduled to premiere in Korean theaters on December 17 while fans can expect the digital single "Lightsaber" to release prior to the premiere. The movie will also premiere in American theaters Deember 18 but no EXO single. *cries*

How my reactions will be once my eyes lay upon the beauty that is EXO.

Where all my EXO-L's at?!

@kelseyblair yes I agree!!!
@destiny1419 This should be a thing always.
Star Wars is amazing and now its being combined with KPop they know how to make me a fan :)
My nerd side and kpop side can now become one!
what? I'm so excited! I had read that star wars would not premier here on or around same time as u.s and with this it makes it even better! Can't wait
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