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I don't think i really know what anime friendship is the best but I do think that every type of friendships I seen in anime have there own unique quality so since I can't choose one I'll tell you about one that I believe represents me and my nakrma. the anime friendship that repersents me and my nakrma is team natsu the reason for this is becouse no matter how different we are we all have something that make us unique eather your the hot head that get upset about anything eather it be someone saying something insulting about them or there friend and even if we get into a fight we will always find a away to forgive one another. then there is the silly one the one who will tease you and do silly things just to make you laugh or who has silly things they like to do that make you laugh no matter how dark a moment maybe they can always brighten up the room. or if your the cool headed no matter what going on you can always think with a calm mind and keep others from making mistakes and help others find the solution for any problem. then there the person who will be willing to do something your not willing to do you may not agree with but they will protect there friends even if it mean sacrificing themselves they will go to any length to protect they friends. and finally there is the person who no mater what will be loyal to you though thick and thin they will keep your secrets no matter how dark it is and if you need help they will always be willing to Lend a helping hand and always has your best interest at heart. who am i well if you get to know me then you will know this is why i choose team natsu to represent the type of friendships i have
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@OGv6FATE i completely agree those two are perfect for each other
soul and maka since they are always looking out for each other
i like all the different anime friends like i said there all unique in one way or another that the great thing about friendships
I think that Friendship on Naruto best represents me and my friends because, even though we all have our differences we still defend each other. Me and my friend, Mercedes, fight a lot and we compete with each other over everything. For a long time we wronged one another, even so she still sat with me when I was sad and I still say with her when she needed me to. My other friend is the strong willed and smart one (Sakura). We are all sorts different but we pull together all the time.