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the character I love is yang from rwby. the reason behind this is because she as many older sisters would be she is protective over her younger sister and very protective over her hair. her fighting style is amazing she shows that not only men but women can reach the strength of a man. she is a very unique lady which you don't find very often. she thinks as thing not in a negative way but the most positive way possible and she is there when needed which shows how much she cares for her team and she keeps the hopes of the team high and she's the smart and destructive one in the group and she has ability of a goddess which is a good thing. she is basically showing that men shouldn't have all the fun which she shows them up in a fist to fist fight which is why yang is my favorite anime character.
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I couldn't agree more Yang is a beautiful and unique character and I love her for it
both mine are from Kill La kill my favorite is Ryuko Matoi the one I hate is Ragyo Kiryion
I love Lucy from Fairy Tail because no matter what she will always protect her friends and fight for what she believes in.
Yang is also my favorite character she is awesome 馃憣馃徎馃槏
Love this card, by the way :D Yang is pretty awesome!!!