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Easy breezy table flowers for your wedding like this are pretty much all you need to capture the essence of Winter and your wedding in one design. It doesn't have to be huge, abundant or over the top, as you see in celebrity weddings.
What you see here is a simple metal finished vessel. This could be just about anything you want. It could be a vase, a cup, a bowl, an urn, whatever. Just remember to keep your vessel low enough to the table so that your floral design doesn't go above 12 inches high. You need room to see (and talk) across the table. No one wants a large centerpiece getting in the way.
Next, you can opt for faux florals if you want to get these done ahead of time on your own without relying on fresh flowers from the florist. Cost wise, it may or may not be cheaper if you go for artificial flowers. It really depends on the quality. If you live in LA, then you need to check out Aldik, which is the premier artificial floral supplier in the San Fernando Valley. If you are buying online, my go-to resource is Incredible price and quality.
If you are going to do this with fresh flowers, you can keep costs down by using one major flower and a bunch of secondary flowers and interesting greens, like the silver leafed dusty miller.
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