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When Ryan Fitzpatrick signed with the Jets in the offseason, the Jets knew what they were getting: a journeyman quarterback who could get the job done if the pieces surrounding him were effective.

And in large part, that prophecy has come true through the first 8 games of the season. The Jets sit in the AFC Wild Card slot with a 5-3 record and are playing some good football.

Fitzpatrick has played all over the league, winning with some teams and losing badly with others.
He's never been great - in fact, everyone expected him to be the backup this season to Geno Smith - but he has made a name for himself in this league by winning just enough games over the years. Don't believe me? I'll prove it:

By beating Jacksonville yesterday, Fitzpatrick became the first quarterback in NFL history to start and beat the same franchise with five different teams.

Fitzpatrick - a Harvard graduate - beat the Jags with the Jets yesterday, with the Texans last season, with Tennessee in 2013, Buffalo in 2012, and Cincinnati in 2008.

That's quite a career of beating up on the lowly Jaguars.

It's hard to be that surprised, I guess - like I said, Fitzpatrick has always been a guy to win some games here and there, and the key bit here is that he beat the Jaguars.

Jacksonville has been one of the worst teams in the league for the past decade!

I'm sure no one can claim that they've beaten a team like the Patriots more than once or twice!

i got reapect for Ryan Fitzpatrick even though he may never be recognized as one of the greats
This is very cool! So much for being a journeyman. Uribe could've won three WS titles from three different teams if the Mets had won this year as well!
I'm not surprised to learn that he's a nice guy @KyleBerke. Seems like a class act.
I met Fitzpatrick once a few years ago. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. He's always been a solid QB.