A couple years years ago, I saw this video. I was pretty excited when I watched it, because I could see the conception of three of my favorite sci-fi things...the holodeck, light bridges, and hard light Rimmer.
And then, I saw this. My thought was, "Uh, oh...here comes a revolution!"
Then, over the past year or so, Microsoft started delivering more and more technology and applications that are driving towards a full-fledged, in-your-own-home holodeck. (I tried to find the video of the reactive glass that would eliminate a need for glasses, but it seems to have disappeared or I'm just remembering it's project name incorrectly.)
And now this...
So, how zen is you inner fan right now?
This is SO COOL. Honestly the thing I want most is to be able to say "beam me up Scotty" and have something actually happen.... I'm tired of taking the subway haha. But I love that Star Trek has inspired so many people to keep innovating and creating better stuff :D
*mouth hanging open* whoa.
Take my money!!!! 馃馃挼馃挵馃捀馃挸
Whoa! This is awesome. That real life minecraft thing is so cool
oh my god this is so impressive nothing is impossible now. I need to show my brother this he will drop dead 馃槀馃槀
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