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Welcome, welcome, welcome!! I can't explain how excited I am at doing this. I've always wanted to actually participate in one but I think overseeing one would be fun too. This is a game based on choices you guys will make and comment with. If you've read a 'Choose your own adventure' book, you'll get it! If not, it's rather simple! Below are the rules/how to. I hope you guys have fun and end up happy!
Rules: Each day the story will progress. I will post five paragraphs, each in their own block. You choose which paragraph ( Numbered 1 through 5. ) fits you or sounds like something/something you would most likely do or be at. Each paragraph will be assigned a certain number of points. Example: Paragraph 1 is worth 95 points while Paragraph 2 could be worth 5 points. Once you choose your paragraph you MUST comment which paragraph you choose. I will keep score for everyone, but the points will be listed so you can keep score too! As the days go by, the love story will progress and everyone should get different results. Unless you work it so you end up with the guy you want. Which you won't be able to do because each guys point count won't be posted until the last day. ( Haha! )
Will you end up with a boyfriend...? A husband...? A baby daddy...? Or will you end up alone? ( Yes it is a possibility! ) Enjoy guys!! First round will happen a little later on today!