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The character I would want to be my best friend
L from Death Note is the character that I love the most. Death Note was my first anime and he captured my heart, just like he catches criminals! His love for sweets, high intelligence, and interesting sitting position is what originally caught my eye.
His sweet tooth is similar to mine. I love sugar and cake is my only true weakness! (And he's the only one I know that can look depressed while eating cake)
His sitting position is extremely unique, for a human at least. He sits like a frog- earning him the nickname L Froglet in my friend group- and trust me it's harder than it looks!
Lastly is the cute, funny and interesting faces that he makes! While watching Death Note his facial expressions were a comic relief for me. I swear his face is made out if rubber! Well that's all I have for now! If you liked it please clip it? I'm trying the win a giveaway for @hikaymm so please help me out! Thanks for reading!
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@HaleyPerkins I think it looks great. :] L's a really likable guy, I can see why you chose him. <3
2 years ago·Reply
I started watching death note for light, and instantly switched to L, his character was awesome
2 years ago·Reply
You know, sometimes I sit like that not realizing it. I love him for everything you said, preparing, us his mind!
2 years ago·Reply
Dammit auto correct! Plus! Not "preparing, us"
2 years ago·Reply
I'm gonna agree, I want L as a bff, too.
2 years ago·Reply