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What a great match!

In a hotly contested affair, Crystal Palace traveled north to Anfield and defeated Liverpool 2-1.
I have to say, I'm surprised. I believe in my team Palace, but their form has been rocky of late and I thought that Liverpool, who have been energized by the arrival of new manager Jurgen Klopp, would have done their job at home against the Londoners.

But Palace proved too much to handle, as they have done for many of the big clubs so far this season.

There is more quality in this side than people are ready to admit - they aren't one of the big names, but like Leicester City, they are punching way above their weight. It would be one thing if it were still in the early early stages of the season, but when they have been doing it for a few months now, it becomes more legitimate.
Yannick Bolasie got the first goal of the match, taking advantage of some really poor defending by the Turk Emre Can. He has to do better, if you ask me - he's been unreliable for a long time now and I don't really think he is offering the quality that Liverpool demand.

But Philippe Coutinho answered the call for Liverpool, scoring a fine goal of his own.

I absolutely love Coutinho. He comes up with some huge goals and works as hard as anyone in the league at times. He has so much quality and has saved Liverpool's blushes more than a few times this season already.
Just when it seemed like it was heading for a draw, Palace defender Scott Dann hit a header in for a goal in the 84th minute. It came off a corner - Dann was the first one there, struck a header well only to have it saved, and then made no mistake about the rebound.

Dann is rock solid at the back and is one of the most consistently underrated defenders in the Prem. He's a huge asset for Palace.

Manager Alan Pardew has Palace humming at his point in the season as they rise to 8th in the table, just two points behind Spurs for 5th place and 5 points behind United for the coveted top 4 spot.
Liverpool, on the other hand, sink to 10th, with 17 points from 12 matches. It's below par for them and they will work to turn it around before it becomes too late.

Anyone see the match? It was exciting from end to end and provided a great reward at the end for those who stuck through!

@jeff4122 I'm a Newcastle fan, I know Pardew all too well
hahaha i hope you're wrong @InPlainSight but fear that you may be right. I hope they can keep up their form!
Palace will start losing games after Christmas. Pardew always seems to know how to get his players performing well against the bigger clubs, it's just getting them motivated against lesser opposition where he fails. He starts the first couple of months of the season ok. Goes into a dip around Christmas and then picks it up again towards the end of the season. If he could consistently motivate his players against all opposition he would be an amazing manager.
Did not watch it, but I was indeed very surprised when I heard the news. Klopp needs at least a year or so to build the team to fit his style!
#ynwa forever
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