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So as you all probably know BTS performed live at the Melon Music Awards!!! This was one of the live performances everybody was looking forward too. We knew BTS would bring it and they delivered. I love the intro and the remix they did on the song(sounded futuristic) There's just one thing I couldn't get over.....

The Mystery Of The Leather Shorts:

There's honestly no reason to deny it..BTS were killing the shorts and leather style. But the thing that stumped me was why....WHY WOULD BTS DO THIS TO THEIR FANS!!! THEN I STARTED THINKING ABOUT THE REASONS AND I CAME UP WITH 3 POSSIBILITIES

1. To Show Army How Much They Have Been Working Out:

I thought about this after I finished watching the live performance for the 100th time and I realized that thier calfs, thighs, and "Jibooties" were all looking really good!! Maybe they wanted us to notice their lower body strength(Idk )

2. To Gain More Votes:

We already know BTS Army is capable of voting but we may need extra help which I think they recieved.


This us the most probable reason and I defintley think they succeeded at it. No army was left unharmed with this performance. Overall BTS did a great job and I'm not sure if they won any award..can someone let me know in the comments..Thanks!!

Did You Like The Remix? How Did You Think About The Shorts?

Let me know your thoughts!!!
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