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Pan, is by far the most annoying character in gt. She's always yelling at Goku and Trunks and she almost dies all the fucking time. It's as if Chi Chi was also turned into a kid again and decided to go with Goku and Trunks to find the black star balls.
GT would've been better without Pan. Lets just hope that Dragon ball super Pan isn't the same way. Don't forget to clip!
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I thought it was pam
@TORIL I thought that too
I agree she was terrible in GT. I hope for better characterization in Super. You should check out my card I have a story arc I came up with for her that I think would do her good
I havent' seen this (don't kill me!!) but any character that's always almost dying frustrates me, its like....couldn' they have written them soemthing a little bit better?
@hikaymm Trust me you don't want to see it. Lol