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Yet again I find myself immersed into an anime that only has like... 12 episodes. I realize that is because it just became an anime this past year. I have really high hopes for this show because the action sequences are amazing. ESPECIALLY since the weapons are TOY guns. The story is similar to Ouran in the fact that the main character is actually a girl.
Hotaru is actually a high school girl. She has a wicked amount of stamina and is a closet pyscho. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this chick so much it isnt funny. She gets roped into a world where people play out war games with toys. They call it survival games. She has a natural talent but is a terrible shot. I cannot wait to see her development. She needs to become bad ass asap because there are too many shows where the girl characters never live up to my expectations.
A host by night, a nerdy survivalist by day. Mattsun, as he is fondly referred to by Yukimura, is the leader of the group called toy gun gun. He brandishes 2 desert eagles and has a deep history with his biggest rival. Mattsun is mistaken as a crook by Hotaru and after their first confrontation Mattsun is convinced Hotaru will make their team the best in Japan. After gently goading Hotaru into a game he uses her "debt" to get her to play a couple of rounds of survival games.
A hentai artist and survival game pro, Yukimura. You would have to watch the show to truly understand this man I think, I like him anyway. At first he doesnt like Hotaru but after she expresses blind faith in him he accepts her almost immediately.
Midori is a sadistic piece of good smelling poo if you ask me. He may be a good pediatrician however, irl he is a super douchebag. The fact that this show shows his good points annoys me. Midori is Mattsun's greatest rival->the best friend turned enemy. He loves to break peoples spirits and watch them squirm. Midori absolutely is someone I despise the most. He seems to be helping Hotaru at first but I am DAM positive he is only keeping Hotaru's secret so he can use it later.... oh, and I guess I should tell you he leads Hoshihiro and also duel weilds his weapons. Its ironic to me that his weapons of choice are Winchesters... but that is just because I am a HUGE Supernatural fan.
She's a mystery to me. She's a nurse at Midori's clinic/hospital and the teams sniper. Basically she is Yukimura's female equal. That's about all I have gathered from the 12 episodes I've seen.
Fujimon is a gatling gun wielding weirdo. He is a super masochist which is a great fit to that asshole Midori. Fujimon is also a pediatrician, however he gets nervous around his patients and comes across super creepy. (lol poor guy) I dont really understand his character quite yet but I am hopeful for the rest of the episodes to come.
I meant this to be a card to draw in more fans but as I got back through it it looks more like a card where I vent about how much I hate Midori-sensei. Lol I guess that cant be helped. I CAN tell you that I LOVE this anime and I REALLY hope I get to see more episodes. I have become Hotaru's super fan. She inspires me. lol