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Scorpion also known as Vrschikasana: What can I say (aside from being unable to pronounce the sanskrit , a quick Google search will help with that) but this pose haha. It was a challenge a rewarding one though, a true test of focus and perseverance. It took a straight week of practice for me to even lift my body using my forearms, let alone keep my balance while my legs are above me. After I got it down though I was feeling like I was on my way to being truly capable of doing any pose. After I had actually done the pose my next goal was to get my feet to touch my head. Needless to say I've yet to meet it and is been almost a year since I first tried it, the awesome yogis I take notes from always reminded me that "Practice makes progress" & honoring your body is as essential to yoga as actually doing the pose.
In the beginning like a lot of challenging poses I was afraid of hurting myself, something like a freak accident from final destination or some fear inducing media I've seen on television. We just hardly have any idea how susceptible or brain is to the waves emitted by television and how it affects our psyche, but that's another topic for another day. Any how, fear had a hold on me I had to give myself the mental strength to relinquish that mode of thinking as well as the physical strength I know is within me to accomplish my feats. Like my fellow yogis told me, practice turns to progress and with time I was bending in ways I never imagined before.
Though I've yet to meet my goal I'm doing my best, and honoring my practice while doing so. I'm also learning a lot about my body, like the idea that maybe my legs and torso are too long to reach my head; and not to compare my practice to others but rather compare the present times practice to the previous times practice. With this here said ☝ I hope to inspire others just as others have inspired me, it's truly a beautiful thing. Whether it's yoga, academics or simply the pursuit of happiness and a better you. -1Love/Simplicity/Authenticity
at least it makes the nose more fortified and harder to break after a while
@twistedreaper6 Wow, things like that tend to happen. Lost count of how many times I've face planted in the dirt.
I tried it, accidentally punched myself in the nose.
Ha! True, nice perspective.
Thank you @chriStole, and yes it is.
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