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I like Goku because, just like me Goku loves to eat. When Goku isn't saving the world, he's eating and training. Goku in battle is such a badass who protects his friends and family. Goku has the power of a god, meaning he can destroy whole planets easily without using his full power. Goku is also happy all time outside of battle and is a good father when he isn't training.
Goku also has so many different transformations: kaioken, kaioken times 5, kaioken times 10, kaioken times 100, ssj, ssj2, ssj3, ssg, and ssgss.
Also, don't forget to clip this card! I'm trying to win a giveaway by getting the most clips by November 15th.
Goku also has his famous kamehameha and spirit bomb which are extremely strong.
There's always something great about someone who knows the value of food :D