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A company named Friday is looking to provide a new home experience to the masses in the upcoming months.
Recently they company shared photos of their new home design. This isn't a yacht or house boat, this is a self-sustainable floating home that can go months without touching land.

This sleek tiny home, dubbed the Floatwing is about to change the game.

The home comes in various sizes, from a studio to three bedrooms, and measures 20 feet wide and 33 to 60 feet long.
Depending on which model you purchase, the home can be set adrift on the water for anywhere between two weeks and six months without needing to stop at land.The home is equipped with solar and photovoltaic panels that provide energy for the AC generator and water heater.
The home is set to hit the market soon. There are many cool ways to getaway and travel on vacation, but this is one of the coolest methods I have seen in quite some time.
Do you think this is worth a purchase?
How well does it do in stormy weather? It seems really cool, but I can see it totally tipping over in a wind storm!
Six months! I'm not sure if I want to take that chance haha
I think the problem isn't the design, per se, but rather legal regulation and oversight policies of being not on the grid... Who wouldn't want their own little mini-island? But be ready for regular visits from police who 'have no other way of knowing' (ha) if you're 'up to anything suspicious'... (they tend to be suspicious of anyone who doesn't live 'above suspicions' - although I can't say I've ever met such mythical beings)... :S
I could dig this.