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Alice Wright for So now that we’ve seen the last episode of the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey we know that Lady Mary is finally wed once more, Mrs Patmore’s guest house has been saved from scandal, Daisy and Molesley have passed their exams and Thomas Barrow is finally being helped by his concerned colleagues. However… just enough storylines have been left undone which will hopefully be tied up into a nice neat Christmas bow this December 25. Not that we want Downton to be over of course but we do need a few more answers… So while we’re polishing up the silver and polishing off the last of the sprouts fingers crossed we get to see some of these storylines being sorted up at the big house:

1. What’s going on with Spratt?

Now revealed as the agony aunt for Edith’s magazine in one of the more stranger storylines, it’s just a shame this will never be properly explored. But wait until Denker hears about this one! I wish more could have been done with these two.

2. Where’s Rose been?

There’s hardly been a mention of Lady Rose this past season. Is the former wild child of the house now a respectable married woman? We know that the character is definitely coming back for the festive season and quite possibly ‘with child’.

3. Will Anna and Bates get their happy ever after?

Never has a TV couple been through quite so much. We left this poor pair pregnant and hopeful so fingers crossed there is a new arrival and a happy ending for Mr and Mrs Bates.

4. Will someone die? 

Thomas Barrow was saved in the final episode but there have been rumours of a death… if we don’t count the race crash then who could it be? Lord Robert’s health scare seems to have been and gone. Is it too obvious to say Violet Crawley? Poor Mrs Patmore seems to have been through a lot lately…

5. What are the servants going to do? 

Daisy has passed her exams, Molesley is now a teacher, Mrs Patmore has her guest house and Carson and Mrs Hughes are planning on opening up the same. But as we keep getting reminded all the great houses are closing down what’s to become of everyone below stairs?

6. Is Thomas going to be ok? 

Talking of what the servants are going to do… hopefully there is going to be no more talk of Barrow moving on and he’ll find peace and happiness in the house, or maybe with a new friend.7. Will Molesley and Baxter finally get it together?  Yawn.

7. Will Molesley and Baxter finally get it together? 


8. Will Isobel Crawley get married?

Only if horrid Larry apologises for being so mean about his father’s choice of would-be bride. But even if he does will Mrs Crawley plump for Lord Merton or will Dr Clarkson stage a coup for her hand in the final hours?

9. But more importantly… Will Lady Edith get married?

The one question we all want an answer to. The only really truly unhappy member of the family poor Edith has been jilted at the alter, lost the love of her life in mysterious circumstances, been the butt of her sister’s jokes and had to keep her own daughter’s existence a secret.
@rodiziketan I know!!! She's such an interesting character, and honestly whenever that actress is on screen I feel captivated. She's got an amazing presence
tell me about it. Like she doesn't exist :( @shannonl5
Rose!!!!!! I've been dying to know