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Anyone nutritionist will tell you that going without water for a long period of time isn't healthy, but Peter Filak is looking to prove everyone wrong.
Munchies reports that Peter Filak, who refuses to put harmful chemicals like fluoride and chlorine in his body, hasn’t consumed a drop of water in three years.
You read it right, three years, no water.
Reports state that gets all of his nutrition from fruits and vegetables he consumes raw and on the go.
Here’s what Filak’s diet looks like.
Filak says he survives on around 800 to 1,000 calories a day, solely consumed in the form of whole fruits and vegetables. Even his dog, a chihuahua-shih-tzu-papillon-Pekingese mix named Sachi, is on the diet. He’ll have a couple apples and a banana before their standard eight- to ten-mile hikes; she’ll get a kiwi or some carrots if she’s thirsty.

According to experts, Filak’s diet is dangerous and non-sustainable.

I also find it odd that Pistol Pete refuses water but will eat fruit which is filled with water (he also probably washes them off with water, but who knows.)
I feel bad for the dog. Someone needs to sit Pete down and give him a glass of water. He has to be thirsty.
I can't imagine surviving on 800 to 1000 calories a die ...i love food too much and water lol.
I mean I understand the calorie part...but no water? And they go on eight to ten mile hikes everyday?
Couldn't you argue that there is enough water in fruits and veggies though? these types of foods have a lot of water I think...
I'm the same way @BluBear07 meal times are my favorite part of the day XD i'm also a meat eater, so i love me some protein