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We all have that one deal breaker when it comes to the opposite sex. Whether they smack while they eat or they are constantly engaging in their phone when you two are together. Whatever the case may be, it's just not cutting it. You try to compromise with the person, but they continue to do the exact thing that drives you crazy. *cues Beyonce's to the left*.
Either get right or get left, they also end up getting left -- unfortunate. Ladies, if you've ever met a guy that you really like, but he just does that one thing that doesn't rub you the right way -- you're not alone. Check out the video above to see these women talk about their dating deal breakers. Trust me, we all can relate.

Ladies, what a major deal breaker for you?

I would say my biggest deal breaker has to be... hmm. Bad hygiene? Disrespecting those around you? A temper? Ever so much as ONCE harming me or another personal physically? All those, for sure.
those are all great and definite deal breakers for sure. I think mine would be someone who is dishonest and disrespectful @allischaaff I'm so typical