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You are my Sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray you'll never know dear how much I love you so please don't take my sunshine away
This is a post to my precious Onew. He's the leader of SHINee and the owner of my heart! lol Just look at his precious smile ^.^
This is probably MVPs favorite picture from that musical he was in Its mine too so I don't mind
He is usually very cute but isn't afraid to show off his sexy side There was one picture wear he's wearing all leather and holding a stick wooooo but I couldn't find it T.T
All I can say is he's my pure sunshine in this world As long as I live I will live as an MVP! I hope you stay healthy, Onew. <3
@JohnEvans omg yes! Onew is my ultimate bias! My sunshine! When I found out more people like taemin in SHINEE I just couldn't believe it. One look or one word and you should be smitten lol
ONEW! He's SUCH a sweetheart!!
@ndngurl123 I finally found anothr person who loves Onew as much as I do...I feel like he doesn't get that much attention even though's he's the leader...but I love Onew so much!!! He has a unique and special voice that I love❤❤