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I love Ciel! He has so many sides to him, but you only see some once in awhile and when you do get to see them they are the cutest damn things you will ever see. Seeing him blush is so adorable because you never see much of anything besides a poker face on him.

His fussy and fickle ways make him seem childish, therefore, increasing his childlike adorableness! Because let's get real, he simply doesn't look like a teenager.

And of course he was sweet enough to eat when he was a child! ^_^

He even makes a beautiful young lady! I love how devoted he is to his work that he will really do just about anything - even smile!

He is also a sweet little fiance who gives into nearly every whim that Elizabeth asks! Even if he's not the most enthusiastic sometimes. -_-

However, despite his cute looks he has such an intensity about him as well and has such a mean streak sometimes that it's easy to forget about his childlike appearance. He has a harsh attitude, and can be so much like an adult with his maturity.

His story breaks my heart and when he cries it is so moving because he is usually so composed that you know he is really broken. I feel terrible when I think about a young child going through what he did and now a young man doing what he is now.

He's such a sophisticated young man who is easy to love with his devious, yet sometimes immature ways. ^_^

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I love like LOVE how he can fake a smile so casually for buisness that's my most fav aspect about him
2 years ago·Reply
@MadAndrea yeah lol I have the first two volumes
2 years ago·Reply
@supbroscene I've read it all and a lot of it is so much better than the anime. The whole second season isn't related to the manga. I found that so weird.
2 years ago·Reply
@MadAndrea the only thing I don't like about the manga is that he says one devil of a butler instead of one hell of a butler it sounds weird saying one devil of a butler
2 years ago·Reply
@supbroscene I read online fan made scanlations, I know I'm a terrible person but shit I could never afford to read everything I do haha. They translate it as one hell of a butler so I never noticed
2 years ago·Reply