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Christmas is a special time of the year. For many it's about connecting with friends and family, sharing warm stories and giving back.
For many, it's also about the gifts. The awesome, high-priced, joy delivering gifts.
Sadly, every year people across the globe are swamped with crappy gifts or dull meals. Sometimes it's due to the fact that people don't actually read your X-Mas list. Sometimes it's due to the the fact that they can't cook. But they try, and thats all that counts.
Despite the fact that we are often let down on Christmas day, people don't always hide their anguish well and ruin the mood of everyone around them. For those in need of some situation- counseling, Jeff Goldblum is hear to recreate crappy moments and teach you how to handle them with ease.
The ads above were done by UK electronic chain Currys PC World. Jeff does an excellent job helping instruct family members how to act like they like the bad gifts that their loved ones gave them.
The first ad features Goldblum helping a young man handle a horrible secret santa gift from his boss. The second ad features a family huddled around a poorly made Christmas dinner.
Enjoy the ads above, take notes and thank me later.
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Hahaha this is indeed some great advertising!