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Louis Tomlinson is breaking Twitter right now. I repeat, Louis Tomlinson is breaking Twitter right now! The One Direction star is currently the most trending celebrity on Twitter thanks to his singing capabilities in the newly dropped single, "End Of The Day". The single debuted today with fans going crazy across the world. The single is very different from all of the other singles that One Direction has released thus far in their new album. It comes as another teaser song for their final album (for now), "Made In The A.M."
Thanks to, fans are able to read the lyrics and who sings them while they listen to the song. Fans on Twitter say this is by far Tomlinson's best solo moment and are absolutely blown away by the high note he hits in the second half of the song. Check out the lyrics below:
For now, you can join the millions of other fans who are putting this new single on repeat. It's fun and catchy and there's no doubt that it's going to win some big awards. Watch out Justin Bieber, One Direction is debuting some big hit singles as of lately. Bieber and One Direction are releasing their album on the same day which have raised some eyebrows. Friendly competition?
At the end of the day, this single is fantastic but Adele will still win all of the Grammys.

What do you think of 1D's new single?

It's not bad! lol. People are so fanatical, it's fun to watch!
And I was scrolling down the twitter just an hour ago and I was like... what is going on? But yes, Adele will win it all :)