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whos also waiting for this movie to come out alredy
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I am, I am, I am. Does this take place when there all grown up, after the new digidestine kids defeated venommyotismon? You know, before everyone was able to accomplish their dreams and everything.
So still, this must be happening after they defeated venommyotismon and they were still young, right?
I garentee that this is after malo malomyotismon remember that kari and tk were still kids when they defeated venommyotismon and she and tk traveled again with the new digidestend when a few years older. also take note that whenkari found gatomon in the new season she had lost her tailring, and in this image gatomon has her tail ring and kari is grown up as we can see in this image. again everyone else was shown periodically throughout the series mostly in their school uniform so my guess it takes place after the battle with malomyotismon but before everyone became an adult as explained in the very last episode.