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My Top 3 must watch Dramas for beginners:

1. Coffee Prince

This drama is one of a kind, the acting is on point, the plot is phenomenal, and the balance of comedy, romance, and feels is perfection. It's consistent and doesn't lose interest throughout the whole drama. I LOVED it and started re-watched it literally right after I finished the last episode :D

2. Heirs

A classic K-Drama about the rich vs poor concept, where the daughter of a housemaid meets the rich heir son of the rich household. It's super fun and filled with drama and great humor.

3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

This is a MUST MUST MUST watch!! That's all I can say... really, you have to! It's the best thing I ever watched and in fact i'm gonna watch it again today because it's so good. Who doesn't want to watch a group of troublemaker HOT guys in a rock band? Ugh I love it so much!
this is the perfect list for the best love funny kind of dramas. I LOVE WATCHING THESE TYPE OF DRAMAS
omg this list! You've got your romance, your rich kids, and the drama that will rip your heart out. It's all there!