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I knew it would control him.

Hello, everyone. Good morning. ~~ It's finally, coming back to Tuesday for our class. I know you're pretty busy but I hope you're be attend the class today.  Have a great day today and C U soon. = Today's expressions for Tue Nov 10 = 1. I knew it would control him. 난 그게 그를 조정할 거라는 걸 알았어. 2. Don't let it get away. 이 순간을 놓치지 마세요. 3. Do you think they're too smart for me? 네 생각에 그들이 내가 상대하기에 너무 영리하니? = Let's make a story = A: Hello all you guys. How's it going of your studying?  Well, I knew it was too hard for you but don't let it get away for your future life. B: Hey, Albert. You know, I've been studying English really hard these days. Do you think studying English is too hard for me? A: Oh, uh... Hey, Ben. Why do you think so seriously about it? You know, first off, you don't let it get away to get something good for you, just do it everyday.  I think that it should be part of your habits in life. It's not studying, just everyday listening, reading, speaking and most of all, repetition.  It's really important for improving your skills. In the end, you could find yourself being fluent. B: Yeah, right. I knew it would control my level of English.  A: But, it'll too hard to study yourself, so, let's make a study group and study some useful expressions. What about studying together from now on? B: Okay, that's good idea. Let's make the most of it.