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@JessAS - Okay here it is! \•^_^•/ This was back when they first started but it's such a cute and catchy song I couldn't help but post it.
These boys go from cute and cuddly to manly! I can't decide which one I like better. \°^_^°/
Here they are cute and Cuddly.
And here they are all handsome/sexy and manly.
The ones who caught this Noona's eyes are, (yes I am a noona to these next three boys. Surprisingly it doesn't bother me like I thought it would one day. I can't even begin to express how protective I would be if I was around these boys. Or in Boyfriend. Only the leader is my Oppa. //*^_^*\\ <- That's supposed to be me blushing. lol.
So these two really caught my eye in the MV Witch I think it's called? Anyways there big eyes and total cuteness is what drew me in. Honestly I feel like they would be perfect to play Anime Characters with their looks. Anyone feel like they belong in Ouran High School Host Club? Playing the twins? omg maybe that's not such a good idea. I mean can you imagine the fan girls?!?!?!? They would go nuts!!
Min Woo - This little cutie drew me in and I probably could never say no to this boy. I mean he is just freaking adorable!! Not to mention he is the maknae. He seems like a total sweetie and I just want to cuddly with him! (in a non creepy way.) Seriously I would baby him so bad it would ruin any relationship he would be in, oh wait. That doesn't sound too bad. /^^\ *ahem* move along people. Nothing to see here.
These three captured my eyes and heart. And that brings us to the end of my card for Boyfriend. Do not worry I plan on making more of these cards in the future. \^_^/ Also a bonus for those who read everything and didn't skip the pictures I made my own background of Min Woo!
♡This is currently my background ♡ Thank again @JessAS - If it wasn't for you I never would of discovered these little cuties! ^_^
@JessAS - All four seasons in one day? Here as well! So many people who come are like I did not realize this was possible and it's like yup. This is a normal day for us. We are prepared for just about anything. I expect we'll get snow soon. Not sure if it'll stick or melt instantly. Ah time will tell.
ahahah they are so cute and mainly *adding to my list*
p.s. love your background!! it's also ready for the holidays!!
glad you enjoyed them ^_^ and they are all my oppas D: I was born later in 1995 lol same age they are a bit older but yes! they are a cute and cuddly maknae line (: Kwangmin is my bias ^_^
@JessAS - oh geeze. I know how that is!
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