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As you know the beautiful Wonho (pictured above) is my bias in Monsta X....obviously I don't have just one...more like a top three....the last two being Hyungwon and I.M.....
I only had Wonho and Hyungwon as my biases in the group but I.M slowly creeped his way onto my top three..... like verrryyy slowly.....
My problem is this special clip that I just barely saw....I was going through the channel when I found this video and I am not sure why I missed it.....
In the video you will see my problem.....I.M BEING SO FUDGING ADORABLE AND SHY!!!!
His part made my heart fluttered (not even Wonho did that).....
It's even worse given the fact that we are both 96' he's like calling out to Look at me and how perfect I could be for you!!!
What is this nonsense?!?!?
He creeped up to number three and now....I think he is number one /.\
I feel like I betrayed Wonho for replacing him....ehhhhh.....


*fangirls in Korean*......
Should I just embrace the fact that I.M is my number one bias in Monsta X?!?!?
Goodbye!!! I can't even..........
hahaha im glad im not the only one. Hyungwon was by bias ever since Hieut came out. But once they had their debut I.M ruined everything πŸ˜‚ i try to keep only one bias per group and I.M eventually won 😁😁 but its ok. his voice just kills me
Wonho is still my number one but shownu and I.M. are very very close behind. I.M. is just so adorable and charismatic when he needs to be which makes it hard not to love him. Plus his expression change game is on point (weekly idol sistar dance)
I.M IS A TOADAL BIAS WRECKER. The boy is frickin napalm Κ˜β€ΏΚ˜ When they brought him in on No Mercy....I watched my bias list lean and aaaalmost fall. By debut it was all over. He was number 2 behind Wonho.
Right @sarangseoltang he was adorable in them....>.<
OMG WHEN I SAW I.M IN THOSE KITTY EARS , I LITERALLY DIED <3 I.M caught my attention right away *squeals*