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Ok so I can draw well (in my opinion) and anyway I've Been meaning to post some pics I've done(some fan art ,some of my own) let me just say I want to be a manga artist😆anyway a bit about my art area my paraents don't support me wanting to be a manga artist so I'm own my own when it comes to supplies and learning it may bum me down every now and then but I get over it! I first discovered my art abilities when I was 9 and I first started watching anime at 7. I decided after seeing all of this anime and manga I want to create my own manga for people to love and enjoy!! One day I do hope that that dream may be a reality currently I am 15(will be 16 next Monday) and still have 2 years of highschool left, after that I would like to go to animation school and further expand my insight on art abilities! I know at this moment I am not good enough but I really do hope to become a manga artist!!!!
This is a picture I saw online about 3 years ago and drew it (I never trace) So this is some one piece fan art!!
This was a rough sketch of my own character (have not thought of a name yet if you do think of one feel free to leave a comment below)
yona of the dawn fanart
Saw something online a year ago and drew this which was similar to it so I could practice some of my shading skills!!
This was another rough sketch I did of my own OC feel free to put s name below because I don't have one yet!
This is a naruto picture I'm currently working on I was not looking at anything for this fan art so no base just came from my head, I might finish this one not sure yet I am still going to prob add kakashi or someone else! This is a skech for the moment ( notice when I put rough skech they don't look that well !?!this is a skech so it looks decent!!)
Anyway that's some old art (I've improved since then but I'll be coming out with more soon I also have done online fan art that I'll post!!! (That I drew on a drawling tablet!!!)
This is awesome!!! I'm sorry you don't have the support of your parents but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep working if this is something you're passionate about. A lot of my friends are artists and they say that practice and time are what it takes and you've already been working really hard so you've got it!
you are very good at it my parents,don't want me wasting time drawing and want me to study.so ur not alone my good friend.and if u draw a manga plz do tell me I am one of ur fans.Good luck with life!
@tayhar18920 of course <3
@shannonl5 thanks!!