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Fear is nothing but a thought. Face your fears head on, And you will no longer Fear what you thought was so bad. Be a wolf. Be a lion. Be fearless. Tear it. Shread it. Rip it apart. And you will no longer fear. Fear traps you, From living, To the fullest extent, So stop letting a thought, Control you. Take it head on, And kill it. You dont have to be a solider. Be the strong person you are And take the risk, And fight back, Cause you only get one life, So why let a thought control you?
thank you 😊 @DanielRivera
this is a very nice piece. I like how you don't rhyme in your poems, although for me, rhyming is my weakness, but it reminds me that a poem isn't limited by rhyming and you really express that in this piece and ask your other ones. nice job @alyssastano