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Happy Birthday Jung Taekwoon!!!!!
Today is not only the release of Vixx's new album, but it is also our precious Leo's birthday today as well.
Leo may appear to be moody and cold, however all Starlight's know he had one of the warmest hearts a person could have. In a group full of lively loud people Leo is the quiet yet sweet addition to this group of crazies, and I could not describe enough good things about him.
Despite being an introvert Leo faces his fears to accomplish what he wants, and is an inspiration to many people around the world, including me. We can't deny he has his moment where he get's embarrassed and nervous, however it just increases our love for him. I loved seeing him smile so much this year and slowing getting more and more comfortable.
I look foreword to the years ahead and seeing more of this sweet shy prince. I look foreword to seeing even greater things for Vixx in the future as well. Vixx Fighting!! Leo Fighting!!! 사랑해요!!!!
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생일 촉하해요 정 택운!!!! 🎈🎁🎂🍰🎊🎉
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Happy birthday Leo!! He's such a beautiful being that i would hug and love forever, now i gotta go try to prepare myself for their comeback.
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ah leo, hes so cute ive been celetbratijg since yesturday, he just a blessing with his talent, high notes are so crazy I love them. He just so amazing and puts a smile on my face
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I just /really/ love that Leo's smiled a lot more this year. (o゚▽゚) Happy birthday Leo ~ (even though im like a day late XP)
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