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YouTube Red
So let's have a little talk. I've seen a lot of people getting upset that their kpop videos are "disappearing" and blaming youtube. But it's not YouTube's fault.
So what is youtube red?
YouTube red is a program that youtube has put out that allows paying subscribers to have an ad free service as well as the option to download and listen to songs / watch videos offline.
So where is the kpop going?
No where. It's still there, just unavailable because the youtube channels that are hosting the videos haven't agreed to be apart of youtube red. As frustrating as it is Youtube has to do this.
If the channels don't agree to the new terms of service youtube blocks them for legal reasons. If the channel doesn't agree, youtube can't offer the people paying 10 dollars a month ad-less videos thus breaching contracts. Which is grounds for legal action.
Once the channels agree (which costs them nothing) the videos will come back.
Since YouTube Red is something a lot of people have asked from YouTube. Let's be begging these disappearing channels to agree the service. It costs them nothing and things will go back to normal!
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Maybe that's it's missing, but it isn't YouTube's fault. xD
2 years ago·Reply
maybe but I'll just find the mirrored version then
2 years ago·Reply
Haha if you can stand it backwards!
2 years ago·Reply
@kat121 the dancing would be different though
2 years ago·Reply
iv never heard of this. what happens?
7 months ago·Reply