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"When Was The Last Time You Tried Something For The First Time?"
Those words were ringing in my ears as the whistle blew and my feet started moving. This was it, the moment I has been training for, obsessing over, stressing about. It was the start of my Tough Mudder.
The 10 mile obstacle course that would be my biggest athletic achievement ever.
The challenge that would define, for me, if I was mentally capable of anything I set my mind too.
And after 3 hours of none stop physical challenges; I did better then I ever imagined!!
I ran the entire time, did every obstacle (even if I didn't make it all the way across), helped as many people as I could, and supported and rallied behind every single other tough mudder working their ass off on that course.
And the entire race I just kept remembering the speech they gave just before we set off on our own personal challeng together.

To Find Success, To Achieve Greatness, To Be All That You Can Be, remember this:

"Never leave a (wo)man behind."
"It isn't about who finishes first, its about helping others to finish with you."
"Give the best that you got, even if the best doesn't get you across the finish line."
"Never let the fear of failure stop you. When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
With the inspiration of those words, the fearlessness in my fellow mudders, and the helpful hands along the way, I was almost upset when the 10 miles were over (almost).
So I ask you, When was the last time you did something for the first time?
That last quote is great!
Lizarnone. Love that quote
@mchlyang thanks !! The person who said it was a cancer survivor who decided to try the tough mudder a few years back and since then that has been the tough mudder anthem