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Well this Anime is Crazy the crazies bitch that I know is in these anime so if u havent seen it you have to watch it is awsome... Oh and If u know a crazier bitch please let me know tanks.
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Ok cool so yeah do you know any anime that have crazy stuff like this one
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@tanianya "DeathNote" is alot like "Future Diary" in the sense that both are items with supernatural powers given to seemingly normal people. "Parasyte the Maxim" is a sci-fi thriller that I think is simular.
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@tanianya "Hellsing" and "Hellsing Ultimate" are horror Anime with comparable merit, however "Hellsing Ultimate" is better than "Hellsing". "Soul Eater" is a bit more cartoonish and funnier, but still has a dark horror side to it.
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Well I seen Death note and Soul Eater but im not sure About hellsing I will have to check that one and tanks
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@tanianya np 馃槉
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