Ok so I know when I started to watch Kdrama I didn't know which ones to watch. There is a whole lots of them! So I'm showing you which Kdramas are worth watching because a lot of them are just horrible! @kpopandkimchi
The very first Kdrama I've ever watched was You're All Surounded!! Actully at that time my cousin forced me to watch it with her! I was very comfortable watching it and started to love Kdrama!!
I love this kdrama!! It's so funny and has those cute moments! Ta-Da! Heartstings! I'm not into romantic kind of kdrama but this is just way cute and funny! I love yonghwa's character!
Now the last but not least!! Mask! Mask is a very nice lovely drama!!
Thanks to everyone who read this card!
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I love Heart Strings! It was like You're Beautiful part 2 :D