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Hello my vingle family and all of my senpai (waves) so here's something that Ive feel to share with the world: my love and hate of sasuke uchiha! so i know im not the only one with mixed feelings right???? i mean he was once a main member or team 7 and became part again! at certain moments i did hate him and the things he did but then there were those i love you moments! ok let me explain what went down from the beginning 馃槃to the end!!!....
@hikaymm Hope you like it!!
Naruto and sasuke never seemed to get along when they were younger and they always seemed to want to punch each other馃槀
at the time when this scene had happened the uchiha clan was already wiped out and destroyed at first hearing this news made me a bit sad and confused but it gave me the feels for sasuke!! and i liked how he was and his relationship with naruto!
in the end sasuke was alone just like naruto so actually the believed hate between them two was actually friend ship!!! and this made me glad!
Later on team 7 was created with sasuke on it! he may seem grumpy and pissed off but i still loved him and how he was still able to continue through life!!
unfortunately during the chunin exams orochimaru showed up, while battling team 7 orochimaru discovers sasuke was one of the soul survivor of the uchiha clan and possed the sharingan. orochimaru happened to want a new body and one with a visual jtusu like the sharingan so he out a curse mark on sasukes neck causing sasuke to have pain and become even more filled with hatred. this caused me to slowly start to not like sasuke and in a sense started the why moments???
After getting bin eventually sasuke decides to leave the leaf and go to orochimaru to gain more power to kill his brother itachi who killed his clan... while leaving naruto confronts him and tries to stop sasuke ''even if i have to break all of your bones'' naruto tried his best but it was sadly not enough...
sasuke won and silently left a passed out naruto at the bottom of hidden valley in the rain....sasuke doing this made me mad and so very hateful of him ,i disliked him...
sasuke then continued to study with orochimaru and becomes stronger and still at this point i disliked him ...still.
2 years later sasuke kills orochimaru and then heads off to face his brother which i did like that he killed off orochimaru but not entirely ...sasuke thenmanages to kill his brother but after his death sasuke found out the whole truth...
after hearing the truth sasuke joins the akatsuki to help destroy the leaf and capture naruto.. and then he pissed me off again!!! why sasuke????
(skips ahead) then this happens!! this happening made me love sasuke again but there still is a bit of disappointment馃槀馃槀馃槀 (i am about to reach the limit of pics i can post and words i can type so ill wrap this up)!
this made me almost made me completely love sasuke again and this was such an unexpected outcome for me....what really made me love him again is that he had a kid with sakura!!!!
in the end i loved the outcome and loved sasuke! it made me happy!
what do you guys think?? do you hate sasuke? love him? did you like the outcome ??? Comment below!!

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I always stuck by his side but that moment when he stabbed karin I was like noooooo sasuke there's no going back from that!
I dnt hate or love Saskue. I like and respect both him and the way he turned out. You gotta realIze tht everyone takes certain situations differently everybody has there own limitations on what they can and cnt take.. Itachi murders his entire clan and uses his sharingan to show it all to Saskue and then tells Saskue tht he isn't even worth killing so of course he's gonna get the " I will kill itachi and avenge my clan" typa dream. he's forced to live a lonely life in the hidden leaf village with pple he thinks won't understand him so of course he finally decided to go on the only path he can see.. And all throughout Naruto and Naruto shippuden he's trying to do just tht. "Kill itachi and avenge his clan" thts it. It's AFTER itachi dies when Saskue finds out the full truth about how the hidden leaf(Danzi)was teachnically using itachi for his power and left him no choice but to murder his clan and let Saskue live. So now he's trying to avenge his brother and destroy the hidden leaf but then he gets bck in touch with itachi and itachi explained tht if he had told Saskue from the beginning the full truth tht he could have stopped all the wars going on with those to nations BUT itachi's exact words "weather you choose to destroy the hidden leaf or save it I will always love you" and now tht Saskue knows the whole truth and how itachi feels Saskue isn't the "I hate everybody" typa person now he's doing what HE thinks is right and saving the leaf village
i feel the same way about him and happy early birthday.
I like how detailed you are into your explaination of why sauske is hated by you so much.
I still don't like Sasuke that much tbh
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