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Otaku Confession

Whale then.... You guys take notes xD :3
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how doth an otaku go about proclaiming his love to his gf that doesn't like anime 😅
:c that anime left a cliffhanger whhyyyy I guess I just have to read duh manga...>:( *Reads some of it* Wow they are both pretty good... but I prefer to watch it when the manga comes to life as in animation.... Only if u don't have a good imagination u watch anime but if u do read manga But if u an otaku U DO both ;)
@GODsGU4RD no problem! 👍😁
@LenaBlackRose many thanks! 😀
@GODsGU4RD well I've feel that if they know how you feel about it then they will know how serious you are about it. if not find something to bind with them over
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