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Here is the results to your door choice from last night! good luck!
Door 1 results Park
Door 2 results Mall
Door 3 result Amusement Park
Door 4 Result Concert
Door 5 Result Sports Arena
Door 6 Result Movie Theater
Look Forward to next chapter in your love door game with your first date card up next.
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I met chansung at the amusement park...... Okay is it me or do I really like meeting hot Asian guys at amusement parks literally almost every love door game I play I meet my guy at the amusement park馃槀馃槀idk why . I hate roller coasters
2 years agoReply
I meet Chansung at a mall. This makes sense because I normally wonder around malls alone.
2 years agoReply
I met Chansung at a concert
2 years agoReply
I met Junho at the sports arena.
2 years agoReply
Taecyeon at the sports arena....makes total sense
2 years agoReply