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Guys, Why Do You Keep Giving Thanksgiving The Boot?
Yes I get it, you got one whiff of that article breeze and all of a sudden you are blasting Christmas tunes and dreaming of a white Christmas.
Except I don't get it...because it is way to fucking early to be getting ready for Christmas.
NEED I REMIND YOU, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet and already we are shoving aside the holiday that is SUPPOSE TO be about giving thanks for everything that you have to make room for present laden Christmas.
Okay....I know I sound like a grinch and I while I went though my hating Christmas faze (no idea why), my favorite season in the city is actually Christmas. Lights hanging from everywhere, snow on the ground, and the excitement of making someones day with the prefect present is so romantic it can legitimately make you fall in love with life.

But please do me a solid and stop shoving it down my throat before I even finished my Halloween candy.

Lets all take a step back and remember Thanksgiving! The delicious food, the family bonding over hours of cooking and eating, and just the one day of the year that is set aside to be totally thankful and content with life. Because lets all be truthful, Christmas, while amazing, is also tainted by involuntary disappointment when that one thing you have been dreaming about isn't under the tree.
So here is a shout out to Thanksgiving, the forever over looked but most yummy and satisfying holiday there is (even if the reason we started celebrating in the first place is not so pleasant.)
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It is indeed a lovely holiday and although Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, we don't need to be celebrating it for like seven weeks!
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i used to love Christmas... then I started working retail. There is no love or magic in Christmas anymore. I love Thanksgiving tho I have to celebrate it a day or 2 early.
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@Emmi retail during the holiday season makes me hate people! black friday is the worst thing i have ever heard of and i will NEVER participate in it. Sorry you have to deal with all the bullshit
2 years ago·Reply
@LizArnone Thank you. It'd be alright if it were black Friday not Thusday night on.
2 years ago·Reply
I love thanksgiving...though Australians don't celebrate it XD Christmas preparation starts before Halloween here, well for my family anyway, that's when we start stockpiling drinks and other things like that, actual Christmas celebrations run from December 1st up until the 25th from then on we keep celebrating right on through to New Years XD I love it soooo much, even if it means work is absolute hell
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