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As an avid cat lover (I have a beautiful Calico cat named Meeko), this project makes me so happy. This DIY project is incredibly easy and cheap to make. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Small Good Things.


For this project, you will need:
-- Plastic cats (you can find these at a toy store)
-- Enamel paint (or nail polish)
-- Masking tape or painter's tape
You can find many of these items at a craft store.

Paint the cats

Use the enamel paint or the nail polish to completely cover the cats in fun colors. You may to paint a few coats of the paint to really make the colors pop. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving the next step.

Attach painter's tape to the tail

Use a small piece of painter's tape or masking tape and wrap it around the bottom of the tail on the plastic cat.

Paint with gold paint

Use gold enamel paint or gold nail polish to paint above the line you created with the masking tape or painter's tape. Allow the paint to completely dry and then remove the tape.

Put your rings on the cats and enjoy keeping your rings organized in a cute way!

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