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Alight my friends, Here are the Results of part 3. Your First date is where?
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Door 4 Results
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Door 6 Results
Part 4 will come out the next day. Look forward to if you will stay with your original member or will fate change your love life.
After Junho and I met at a movie theater. He decide to take me Ice skating since it was my dream for a guy to teach me to to skate! The date was lovely even though it was chilly he gave me a hug to keep me warm 馃槫馃樁 and we held hands so I wouldn't fall! I can't wait to see what's in store for our relationship!
Geez. I sure hope we only went to watch ice skating and not try it. My balance is HORRIBLE!
Wow chansung is big balling and super romantic
ice skating nice :D
the zoo
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