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Who is your anime crush? Okay, so today's wasn't that hard. Its because this guy has been my longest standing crush to date.
Himura kenshin Man this guy. Strong, reliable, long flowing red hair, beautiful eyes, a kind heart. He wasn't a bad boy but a genuine good guy who did some horrible things and was genuinely living in guilt because of it. He used his strength to protect the innocent and those he cared deeply for. He put his life on the line time and time again to fight against those who spread evil. And he was also really fun when he wanted to be. He was able to get along with almost everyone and loved people and to help people even more than he would help himself. Whats not to love about him? I can definitely see why Karou fell in love with him. I did too and still love him and the series to this day.
Nope, totally understandable I think! My 'current' crush if you will, is Yato from Noragami.
Some more than one!
To be honest though, I have an anime crush in every anime series that I watch. Is that bad? Lol
A crush on Kenshin is legit. My forever anime crush is Sesshomaru. My "at this moment" crush is Solomon cuz I'm rewatching Blood+
Hinata! xD