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It's day 8 of the Fairy Tail Challenge! Before I continue I'm going to ask everyone here to check out my other card here: It's a card about Itachi from Naruto. There's a contest I'm trying to win and would appreciate the support! Thanks! So today's prompt is A Magic That You Want to Have
My choice is Ice Make Magic! I've always been attracted to ice users in anime and games. Some of my favorites being Gray, Esdeath (from akame ga kill), and Sub Zero (from mortal kombat).
I've always been a huge fan of the cold and winter and would love to have ice powers! It's so cool (no pun intended) and as Erza said it's very pretty! It would be so easy to make awesome gifts for family and friends! Imagine the girls whos heart I could steal. Lol
Although, I want something closer to Gray's style, Lyon's spells are definitely interesting but I don't want to create fake life forms it kind of weirds me out. Lol
Thanks for reading my card and remember to comment what types of magic you would like to have! Have a good day! Ja ne
I would prefer fire dragon slayer magic
ice magic till the end
fire dragon slayer magic or Satan soul
Gray would loose xP
i would want to be a wind dragon slayer however i would want to adopt laxus's lightning for wind-lightning dragon slayer arts...
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