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Personally I think the Spectre needs to see more screen time. He's plain down awesome. he kills, he's a piece of god himself, he's a detective, he has knowledge of all incarnations of the dc universes. First time I saw him in kingdom come he struck up curiosity in me. Then dc showcase did a spectacular job at making me fall in love with his character enough to dig up old comics of him.
Second legion of superheroes is a great chance for new beginnings in the dc universe but my favorite character from it has to be braniac five himself. Destined to be haunted by his past incarnation's wrong doing he proofs himself constantly often too much as he goes over board with his intelligence, like making a hundred page report of the current galactic threat. He tries to relate to people. You also got to love him and supergirl together.
Mr. Terrific. Third smartest dc human, highly athletic. Let's be honest here super heroes of non white heritage still don't get enough recognition. Not sure why, but it's not my call. Michael Holt might be getting some deserved thanks to the arrow series.
Here's your part add some heroes you think more recognition. Feel free to explain why also
I also feel like Martian Manhuntter deserves more recognition @Miniyeti this person also pointed out Aquaman, he's the most underrated superhero when he's actually really strong. Oh and I'd love for a Deathstroke movie.
@Bakuman247 yeah :( it's sad because so many talented people worked on the Norton one, it's a shame it didn't come together
Hulk despite the avengers films he has gotten no love and under used since Edward Norton's shot at it. Gove Mark Ruffalo a solo film lol.
@JuanGonzalez101 @JustinMims21 Punisher's going to be in S2 of Daredevil along with Elektra but they're making an Iron Fist series, I haven't heard anything about a solo Punisher one.
the one and only "Booster Gold" dudes a monster
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