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Okey...tbh this song has been stuck in my head all day
MEMBERS: (from left to right) Sandeul, Jinyoung, Gongchan, CNU, and Baro
So let's start by talking about the music video. All the members have a little story about... I'm guessing, either spending the perfect day with their love - or having a beautiful dream about being with them


I love this scene in the music video the most because you can just tell they're in love... but in a childish, cute way ^-^


I really like this part because of the way he looks at her... and him holding his hand out for her is almost symbolic ... like he's willing to show her beautiful things ... like he wants to amaze her


This scene is absolutely gorgeous. At first he holds his hand out for a dance with his love... and they slowly lose focus of everything around them, they're only focused on each other.


So in this scene, it seems as if CNU is trying to show his love that he can do things she could never imagine. It's magical.


I believe that Baro is following his love around. It seems like he wants to be wherever she is. He wants to be with her.


This song is reflecting how much they think the girl they are in love with is like a goddess... she's perfect, in their eyes. They would do anything for that girl and be there whenever she needs them. They're actually pleading to be with this girl of their dreams because they're not actually together, and they want to be with her more than anything. This song has got a great title, story, and beat, so I hope you check it out and like it :) its also great if you just want to sit back and relax ...its very calming
I love that Jinyoung wrote this song too! It makes it feel so much more special :D
@4dalientae Jinyounnnnnngggggggg is so beautiful and I love the song as well....@kpopandkimchi I didn't know he wrote the song that's so cool
I actually cried when this song first came out..I was so touched..I don't really know why but it was just a really touching song/mv to me
@AkiraCondry Sandeuls my bias, but he just recently wrecked my relationship with Gongchan XD it'll probably wreck Jinyoung for u cause hes sooooo adorable . and yeah, I love this song too much XD
Just when I thought I could get over this song, it slides back into my dms lol . (I love this song B1A4 is life♡) . Great song choice :D Jinyoung is my bias btw, but Sandeul seems to be wrecking my bias list all the time lol
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