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I've been trying to post this for a few days...😅 Honestly, I never thought about the fact that I might even be referred to as a noona until I told my friend that Woozi is my Seventeen bias (yes, I finally picked one) and she talked about how he was a year younger. With all of the groups that have debuted in the last couple of years, you have to check because you don't want to be weirdly attracted to a kid😂 Maybe that's just because I'm 20 lol anyways...this post is dedicated to every Seventeen member who is younger than me...so...the entire group!
95-liners...just like me! S. Coups, Jeonghan and Joshua Even the leader is younger than me by almost 6 months! So...Jeonghan is actually...pretty? Like he's beautiful! He's the kpop guy you don't show to your non kpop friends first because they'll say "I told you they all look like girls!" 😂 And Joshua, the American sweetheart haha He's such a cutie but you better watch your mouth around him or you'll get in trouble like Vernon after his stint on SMTM4. Next up is...
The 96 line with Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo and my bias Woozi! How cute are they?! I tried to find cute pics of every member because y'all know they have some of those pics where you're like hmm...you gotta be older😏 or like my friend who says, "I'll wait for you"😂 Akkinda, guys💗
Awwwww, the 97 liners! DK, Mingyu, and The8, which I might add, is a very boss name. Apparently, 8 is a well liked number in China and he's a very likable person so it fits! Mingyu and DK have been trying to climb up the bias list but I shall not be swayed😌lol Woozi for life!
That maknae line though! Seungkwan and Vernon (sweet intelligent Leo DiCaprio doppelgänger Vernon) were born in 1998! I know, I know. They looked at you a certain way in Adore U that was very rude on their part but they are young and know not what they do😂 Dino is the actual maknae of the group but he doesn't act like it too much. I see the older members acting a bit more goofy than he does. This entire group makes me laugh and I'm glad that they finally debuted. They deserve it! Their choreo is always on point and shows their personality...in every dance practice video...I know you've seen every single one and I won't judge😌because I've seen every single one as well😂 Anyways, there will be at least one more Noona post from me. According to my best friend, another maknae will be legal next week😂 She has been counting the days, I tell you! He always makes her feel some type of way lol Anyways, until next time 👋🏾 I will leave you with this beauty (Seriously why is he so gorgeous?!) and a recent dance practice of theirs(MANSAE MANSAE MANSAE)!
S.coups is so handsome
I dont even know where to begin LOL! I am so in love with Joshua he is the sweetest thing - same with Hoshi! I have such a middle-school girl crush on Woozi its not even funny hahahha and DONT GET ME STARTED ON VERNON AND SEUNGHWAN THEY ARE SO GREAT OMG
@kpopandkimchi Okay...so you just took all of my feels and put them in your comment! 😂 I swear Joshua is trying to wreck my bias 😩