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Everyone's first suit should be a well-fitting navy suit. It's perceived to be the most professional of all suit colors and is the perfect choice for your job interview or everyday office wear. A black suit is too serious and usually reserved for formal events like funerals or weddings, but a navy suit is versatile and can be worn on any occasions. So any guy wanting to invest in a good wardrobe should always start with a navy suit, and after that, a gray suit. Why? Because they go with everything! Guides for fit, length, price and accessories will be forthcoming in future posts. So keep a lookout! Some affordable navy suit options:
Oh, that's fantastic! Excellent, will do.
OOh, YinofYang, that would be awesome! I will be making a complete guide to suits, starting with this first card. Tell your guys to keep a lookout for future cards :D
Love the information, Carlos. I will be passing this along to a couple of guys who need suits. XD
already added this to my shopping list