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So The Game and Skrillex made a song about El Chapo. And The Game raps some of the song in Spanish. It's kinda funny, but kinda odd at the same time, tbh.
Looks like El Chapo, the drug lord known for escaping through an elaborate underground tunnel from prison, is making news, without being seen. Who's the real 'Waldo' now? ...The bizarre song is actually pretty catchy.

"El Chapo, I am the God."

This is the first line to the song.

Check out the second verse:

'm on a private jet with El Chapo, feet up
Sipping Tecate bout to land for the re-up
Fuck the Montanas, we ain't got them tracking devices
The feds they be watching and see us
Niggas wanna see us? Check the IG
I'm in the Villa throwing blood up like an IV
Don't try me, Dej Loaf with the AK
600 million, 400 million from Dre Day, uh
Pablo Escobar in my hey-day, uh
Bringing off coke that's a payday, uh
On a private jet that's a mayday, uh
In South America on a vacay, uh
P on my snap-back, chopping grade a, uh
None of these niggas ready for the melee, uh
Hundred cal make his body do the nay-nay
Leave a nigga face worse off than Shanaynay
I am the God, I've been telling you niggas
I got a bird and a chopper in the trunk
And a key I will sell it to niggas
We can screw it and chop it
Machetes on deck, I will sever you niggas
Behind these bars, some El Chapo
Motorcycle out the cell on you niggas

What do you think about the song?

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