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What you need: - 7 white peaches - 2/3 cup of water (160 ml) - 3/4 cup of sugar (150 g) Follow these steps: 1) Cut the peaches in medium size pieces 2) Put the peaches in a pan with water and cover the pan 3) Cook them at medium-low heat, stirring occasionally 4) If you need more water, you can add some more : ) 5) Remove from fire and let it chill 6) Put the mix in a blender and blend it away until it has a puree-like consistency, and add a teaspoon of lime juice 7) Put it in the fridge and let it freeze! Enjoy <3
My gawd, that looks so juicy. AGHHHHHHHH
@carlosdang you should def try the recipe! : )
Oh, I love sorbet and this really is an easy recipe. I'm all for easy recipes.
@YinofYang i know right! who knew sorbet would be this easy to make!