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Long-running British sci-fi drama Doctor Who returns for the back half of its seventh season. The Ponds may be gone, but the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) has a new companion in the TARDIS, Clara Oswald, played by 26-year-old British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, who has played two other similarly named (and doomed) characters who once crossed paths with the Doctor. On tap for the next eight episodes: a Neil Gaiman-scripted episode featuring the Cybermen, the return of the Ice Warriors, a new nemesis for the Doctor called “the Spoonheads,” guest turns by Dame Diana Rigg, and the mystery of Clara herself. (Returns March 30 at 8 p.m.)
excited!! can't wait for the new adventure!!
Awwww, Doctor Who!!!! I'm glad that the show has garnered so many new fans.